"The Blagofather" - Illinois Republican Party

Mailer Design

Highlighting Tammy Duckworth's close ties to the Chicago political machine, the Illinois Republican Party sent this mailer entitled "The Blagofather" during the 2012 Congressional election.

"Pure Pollution"

Mailer Design/Production

A recent community direct mail piece designed to highlight the proposed site for Pure Metal's industrial shredder, located directly across the street from Juarez Academy in Chicago, Illinois.

"America Speaking Out" - Congressman Peter Roskam

Mailer Design

United States Congressman Peter Roskam sent a direct mail piece to his suburban Chicago district, highlight the House GOP initiative "America Speaking Out."

The Congressman used the piece to connect with his constituents and solicit their ideas on how to fix the country.

"Walk" Geoff Davis for Congress

Walk Piece Design

Four Winds designed a "get out the vote" walk piece for Congressman Davis' 2010 reelection campaign.

The piece highlighting the Congressman’s position on key issues including taxes, jobs and spending.

"Leadership" - National Republican Congressional Committee

Invite Design/Production

The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) commissioned a custom invitation for the 2011 House Republican Leadership Event in New York City.

This event featured Speaker John Boehner, Leader Eric Cantor, Chairman Pete Sessions, Whip Kevin McCarthy and Conference Chairman Jeb Hensarling.