"The Blagofather" - Illinois Republican Party

Mailer Design

Highlighting Tammy Duckworth's close ties to the Chicago political machine, the Illinois Republican Party sent this mailer entitled "The Blagofather" during the 2012 Congressional election.

Rafael Dagnesses for Congress

Logo Design

Rafael Dagnesses, candidate for California's 26th Congressional District, came to Four Winds to create a custom branding package including this logo for his campaign for Congress.

Rafael Dagnesses for Congress

Jason Plummer for Congress


Jason Plummer, the 2010 Republican nominee for Illinois Lieutenant Governor launched his campaign for Illinois' 12th Congressional District with the help of Four Winds.

The Plummer for Congress campaign have a custom website, designed and developed by Four Winds including full content management.


Jason Plummer for Congress

Four Winds Featured on CNN


Four Winds branded a campaign described by CNN as the "first global pr campaign targeting potential terrorists." The campaign, entitled "Terrorism is a Choice," is an effort led by the Soufan Group. 

The poster design and slogan "Terrorism is a Choice" were prominently featured on CNN's Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer.

"Pure Pollution"

Mailer Design/Production

A recent community direct mail piece designed to highlight the proposed site for Pure Metal's industrial shredder, located directly across the street from Juarez Academy in Chicago, Illinois.